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Best weighted blankets adults2021

If you’ve ever come across any information about weighted blankets then you won’t be surprised to know that weighted blankets for adults usually have a positive impact on anxiety, sleep, sensory issues, autism, ADHD and sensory issues. click here.

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5 Ways to Ensure that Your Weighted blanket For Adults Remain Clean

If you want your weighted blanket to remain in good shape it’s recommended that you wash it at least 4 times a year. However, due to dust, stains, and dirt you can’t just avoid washing your blanket frequently. It’s, therefore, very important to know about this. Here are some things that you need to do to avoid washing your weighted blanket frequently.

• Do not use the blanket as a bedspread. Weighed blankets are therapeutic covers hence should not be used as bed covers. After using your weighted blanket you need to fold it and keep it away. This way you can keep it from other activities that might damage or make it dirty.

• Do not sleep with your dogs when using your weighted blanket. If possible you need to avoid sleeping with your dogs while using a weighted blanket. Pets can not only cause your weighted blanket to smell but they can also shed hair and leave footprints on your blanket. If you can do without your pets ensure that you clean their paws before they climb on the bed. This will ensure that the blanket remains in good condition. You can also provide a separate easy to wash wherever they are sleeping with you.

• Avoid eating on your bed while using your weighted blanket for adults. Meals are some of the most common of stains. Since you do not want your weighted blanket to smell, it’s very important to avoid them.

• Make sure you only use your weighted blanket on the bed. If you are looking for a weighted blanket that you can use as a lap blanket or one that you can use on your couch then you need to choose a smaller blanket. As compared to full-sized blankets smaller weighted blankets are quite easy to clean. It’s, therefore, important to know about this. Since these blankets are not burdensomely transporting them from one place to another is also very easy. By using a smaller weighted blanket you’ll not worry about accidentally spilling tea or food while using the blanket.

• Use a removable cover for your weighted blanket. If you want to protect your weighted blanket from food, dust, and dirt a weighted blanket cover can comfortably do this. By using cover you’ll be cleaning the inner blanket lesser and lesser. Also, a removable weighted blanket cover is more comfortable to wash and much easier to replace.

• Spot clean stains on the blankets. If possible always spot clean any stains on your blankets. To prevent them from sticking on the blanket you need to remove the stains as soon as possible. During spot treatment, you also need to avoid using bleach since it’s likely to shrink the material used to make the blanket.


These blankets are a type of therapy that can provide similar health benefits just like deep pressure. These kinds of blankets have shown that they can improve several conditions including ADHD, autism, and anxiety. When looking for one it’s important to consider all the factors so you can end up with the best one.



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